Pastor Notes

Pastor Kyes

  Hello, I am Pastor Kyes and I have very good news for you. Jesus loves and cares for you very much, and He comes to you right where you are without distinction. I would very much like to meet you and get to know you better. You need not be a Lutheran to attend for Godís love, through the Gospel, is there for all people. If you are a Lutheran, our services will be familiar and true to the Word of God. So my invitation is for all to come, receive the love of Christ and experience the depth of devotion and genuine sanctification, that come through Word and Sacrament service here, at St. Peter the Fisherman Lutheran Church.

Pastor Jim Kyes

Pastor Kyes on KFUO Radio

KFUO is a live internet radio station now; and on the air at 850AM in St Louis on a regular AM radio; a ministry of the Lutheran Church from St Louis Missouri, (LCMS).  
See the following links on the KFUO web site; and the two additional popup items, archived here.

  • KFUO links to the Bible study (1 hour) with Pastor Kyes         {see #3. Daily Lectionary};
              and also the Sermonette (5 minutes)                              {see #4. Matins Sermonette}.

  • Greetings from Lincoln City Oregon. (On min)
  • A Sermonette on how important Christ is to us; (about 5 minutes

  • Pastor Picks

    Books and materials, helpful to you.

  • "God at Work: Your Christian Vocation in All of Life" by Gene Edward Veith
    "God at Work" is an excellent short read for anyone who may be struggling with whether they're really doing God's work in their vocation... he offers a number of profound truths that turn mundane everyday work into God's providential handiwork... he rightfully gives a broader definition to vocation than simply a job you do. There's a vocation to friends, family, and even to rest...

  • "The Lutheran Study Bible."     The English Standard Version.
    This important new Bible places the highest priority on accuracy and precision for the best kind of Bible comprehension. An update of the popular Revised Standard Version, the new English Standard Version is a word-for-word translation where each word and phrase is carefully weighed against the original Hebrew, Aramaic, and Greek to ensure the fullest accuracy and clarity.

    Has a Concordance, a center reference column, engravings, introduction to each book, prayers of the day, Small Catechism, distinctive Lutheran Bible study notes, the Unity of Scripture, and How to Study the Bible.