A link to the large view of the stain glass window at St Peter the Fisherman Lutheran Church.  Copyright 1986
Description of the Panels

The stained glass window on the east wall of St. Peter the Fisherman Lutheran Church was designed and made by Laukhuff Stained Glass, Inc. in Memphis, Tennessee; sent here and installed by members of the church on December 10, 1986.

Traditional Christian symbols are portrayed in the top three panels.

The hand pointing down is for the Father as our Creator and provider. God blesses us through creation and recreation by baptism and faith. Believers are blessings to one another and the world.

The center panel showing the Lamb of God is the oldest symbol for Jesus as our Savior. Jesus is the world's victorious risen and ascended Savior. The golden crown of victory replaces the crown of thorns.

The top panel on the right is for the Holy Spirit coming to us as a Dove; coming to us through God's Word and Sacraments. The Holy Spirit descended from heaven at the baptism of Jesus. The Holy Spirit descends upon us at the time of our baptism and/or faith. The Holy Spirit is the Giver of life and eternal life through God's Word and Sacraments.

The nine panels of glass to depict the name of our church and describe the area in which we live here in Lincoln City.

The three panels on the right side show us ocean scenes a lighthouse, fish in a net and in the water, a fishing boat and a sailboat. In the lower panel, Jesus is healing either a lame or a blind man. We want to show Jesus as our helper and Savior. The water can be the ocean or a lake.

The center panels focus on the name of our church. The main figure in the boat can be Jesus or the apostle Peter. Behind the boat are rocks depicting the mountains in our area. There are birds and fish in several places.

The three panels on the left depict growing trees and cut trees. The stream of water shows the rivers nearby. You see people being drawn to the central figure in the boat. Notice their clothes change from bible times to our time. People are drawn to God from God's Word and actions.

Object lessons come through stained glass

The Christian church has used stained glass windows as visual object lessons and to control the amount of light entering the sanctuary. For centuries, people couldn't read and write. The average person had no books and few pictures. So, bible stories, history lessons, heroes of faith, important people were portrayed in stained glass windows.

Our stained glass windows are faceted and chipped. This reflects and refracts the light in countless ways. Think of a diamond that has been cut and faceted and you realize how many ways light can appear and be seen. Our windows are not flat stained glass set in a metal frame. The faceted glass is 1-1 " thick and set in epoxy. Under normal conditions, the windows will need no upkeep.

Large View of Stain Glass Window   (500k)